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Chris Christensen Thick N Thicker Volume Response Foaming Protein will add astonishing volume to any coat type. Replenishes protein loss creating a striking volume by implanting a high volume of low molecular weight proteins into the hair shaft. The dense compact foam base allows easy distribution of the high volume, low molecular proteins throughout the entire coat. Naturally volumizing thin skimpy coats while repairing and protecting coat hairs. Strengthens weakened coat hair shafts and repairs split ends.
16oz $35.00
Chris Christensen Thick N Thicker. The Ultimate Texturizing Bodifier. Aerosol delivery system gives you the ultimate control with a continuous even spray pattern. Delivering an ultra fine mist for even distribution with zero weight, cutting your grooming time in half. Immediately builds body , volume and lift , texturizing from the inside and out to change the diameter of the hair. The crystal clear bodifying spray allows the natural glow of the coat to shine through. Ideal working spray, dries quickly, yet manageable and moldable, giving you the ability to straighten unwanted waves
10oz $19.00
Chris Christensen Ice on Ice is a new innovation with unlimited uses. Ice on Ice is a leave in conditioning finishing spray and detangler with sunscreen, producing and unmatched glisten while reducing grooming time with a clean sweep of matt removal and detangling. The harsh effects of dust, dirt, urine and the sun can lead to a coat that is dry, dull, matted, unmanageable and prone to breakage. Ice on Ice is especially a protective barrier locking in moisture repelling rain dirt and dust and urine.
16oz. RTU $22.00
Chris Christensen White Ice Spray
Intense white colour coat spray

Black Ice Spray also available

Chris Christensen White Ice Crème
Cover up with white colour intensity specially formulated to apply easily with excellent coverage. Not oily or heavy. Dense pigmentation for colour intensity to cover even the most severe stains and flaws. Can be used in conjunction with Chris Christensen Sytems White Ice Chalk.
2.5 oz $29.00
Chris Christensen-Chris Stixs. ChrisStix allows you to cover stains, hide gray, and eliminate unwanted coat colors in seconds. The Chris Stix makes it easy to pinpoint accuracy, easy blend ability and maximum staying power. Chris Stix will not rub off or smear. Lasts until you shampoo it out. Unlike many powders and chalks - Chris Stix has excellent coverage, even after brushing through. NO MESS - NO FUSS - JUST FIX IT WITH CHRIS STIX! COVERS STAINS & FLAWS DOES NOT RUB OFF OR SMEAR EXCELLENT COVERAGE EVEN AFTER BRUSH THRU NOT MESSY NON TOXIC

Now in Stock!!!!!!!!

10 Colours to choose from:

#1 All Systems Moisturising Protector &
Super Coat & Skin Conditioner
Specially formulated with super skin and coat conditioners, cosmetic lanolin, highly refined mink oil and vegetable protein to condition all coats, leaving a light powdery fragrance in an easy-to-use aerosol form. Designed to hold and protect coats from matting and tangling for up to five days when used as directed. Excellent for breaking down lacquers (i.e. poodles) and minimising the damage caused by hair sprays, chalk (i.e. terriers) and hair setting gels and lotions. Especially effective for holding the finer, double-coated breeds such as Shih Tzus and some Lhasa Apsos when conventional oils are too heavy

#1 All Systems Fab/Grooming Spray


photo to come

#1 All Systems Super Whitening Gel


photo to come
Crown Royale Magic Touch Grooming Spray

Luxury sheen, prevents coat matting, repels dirt, no heavy build up. This is the ultimate finishing spray. Ait gives a natural shine to coat and prevents static electricity. Can be used daily to keep coat in excellent condition

Formula 1, 2, 3


Queen Helene Professional Formula Cholesterol Cream
Treats and conditions dry and damaged hair. Gives added moisture to sundried hair




Latex Bands - available in the three sizes and varying quantities.

1/4 Size Colours available - Black- Pink- Red- Purple - Orange
3/8 Size Colours available - Black - Red
5/16 Size Colours Available - Black -White -Brown -Tan -Pink -Red -Yellow -Blue -Green -Multi Colour

1/4" SIZE
$11.50 x 500

3/8" SIZE
$11.50 x 500

5/16" SIZE
$11.50 x 500

Bio-groom Coat Glosser & Tangle Remover
Non-oily, non-sticky
473ml $25.95
Bio-groom Super Foam Coat Dressing
Lanolyn enriched styling mousse
425g - $30.95
Bio-groom Coat Texturiser & Conditioner
Gives coat and hold and texture. Leaves hair with natural feel
355ml - $23.95
Bio-groom Anti-stat spray hair control
Alcohol Free Hair Control. Controls fly-away hair. Leaves hair natural, smooth and easy to groom
355ml - $21.95

Prestige synthetic fleece grooming mitt

Black or white

Prestige pure sheepskin grooming mitt
Prestige Moisture Magnet Drying Towel
Laube High Quality Absorbent Towel
Ideal for drying your pet. Super absorbent and provides a comfortable , relaxing feeking for the skin.
It is the best choice for professional and home use.
Alto Light Clear Highlighter. A unique blend of natural oils, lanolin and glycerine to add deep highlights and sheen to eye and muzzle areas
200g - $16.95
Alto Ultimate Sheen. Ensures silky soft, show winning shine. Cuts grooming time by repelling dust and dirt for up to two weeks. Helps keep coats tangle free
500ml - $14.95
1L - $19.95
Absorbine Show Sheen. Labour saving hair polish that dries to a bright, natural sheen and brings out colour highlights. Keeps coats tangle-free and reduces static. Repels dust and dirt. Lasts for up to a week
473ml - $26.95
946ml - $43.95
Coat & Skin Conditioner. Lanolin enriched aerosol spray formulated to clean and condition the coat as it is absorbed into the skin. Helps eliminate dryness
Show Groom. Contains Vit E and mink oil. Protects against dryness without being greasy or oily. Can be used as sunscreen by spraying the entire coat lightly one hour before exposure


Pet Plus Lustre Aid Cologne

Contains absorbable lanolin which imparts a lustre and glossiness to the coat. Assists to maintain the coat in a tangle free condition. Lustre Aid is greaseless and is rapidly absorbed – imparts a pleasant scent and acts as an effective deodorant, for routine use before discharging office or hospital cases

Ring 5 Bright and Shine with mink oil has been formulated to give a high gloss finish to the coat, to deepen and enrich the natural colours; to lubricate the skin to reduce flaking and shedding, and to reduce the sun fading of the coat
227g - $32.95
Ring 5 Texture Plus Mousse adds volume, body and hold to all types of long and wirehaired coats. It is especially effective for topknots, furnishings, feathering and for texturizing long flowing coats. Texture plus Mousse gives superb hold to all coat styling techniques without adding weight or a sticky feeling It will not flake or leave a residue.
212g - $28
Challenge Mink Oil - A natural reconditioner for dry coat
250ml - $14.50
Challenge Eau de Chateau - Quinine Coat Tonic Cleanses the coat and produces a lustrous sheen. Suitable for all breeds.
Available - Clear
500ml - $17.80
Challenge Bay Rum - formula D
500ml - $20.50
Plush Puppy Reviva Coat Moisturising Foam for Dogs. Can be applied to wet or dry coat. Use to condition coats that cannot take regular conditioner
250gms - 19.95
Plush Puppy Swishy Coat. Brilliant for flowing coated brees e.g. Afghans, Maltese, Am CockerSpaniels eyc. Where the coat is expected to hang in a smooth, swinging swishy , action in motion and falls smoothly back into place on the stack.
225gms - $29.75
Black only. . Size 8. Used over plastic etc when wrapping up coats

$8 x 500


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